Restless Rant
Week of May 2 – 6:

It was a strong week of emotion-laden May sweeps drama on “Y&R.” There were a few storyline points to take issue with, but on the whole it was well worth tuning in. Here are my thoughts:

Two men and a baby.
Neil was back in full ‘holier-than-thou’ mode with Sofia early this week, dictating how things were going to be with regard to her pregnancy. I just want to smack him when he gets like that. I thought it was classic Olivia when she told Sofia to push the dates – totally something she would do – although I’m sure Sofia could have come up with that plan on her own without Liv having to ‘risk her license to practice medicine’. Oh, the drama. In any case, the visible relief on Neil’s face when Sofia announced that she got pregnant in early March, (which was an odd thing to announce), was amusing. I guess it’s going to take a crisis of some sort to bring the paternity truth out. Read’s Chat with Darius McCrary, to hear what he has to say about this storyline.

Devon did a bang-up job as Neil’s ‘mini-me’ this week, self-righteously demanding to know all of Lily and Daniel’s business. Even if they were getting back together, why would he presume to have any say in it? Yeesh!

Ghosts don’t send flowers.
This brings me to the flowers and note Lily received. Since ghosts don’t send flowers and pen notes, this means that Cane is alive, or that someone else is passing himself off as Cane. If it is Cane, what was with the sinister texting in the bushes? If he’s an impostor, wouldn’t Lily have known instantly upon kissing him? Also, if this is an impostor, and he’s asked to see the babies, are they in imminent danger? More questions than answers at this point, folks!

Hurray for confronting problems head-on.
Wow, so Abby did a lot of confronting her problems head-on this week, and what a very special treat it turned out to be for “Y&R” viewers! Marcy Rylan was off-the-charts brilliant as Abby took on first Tucker, then Ashley, confided in Deacon (yay!), and went off completely on Lily and Daniel. I’m not sure what Abby has set into motion by selling those shares to Jack to spite Tucker, but it’s intriguing. I also love the mother/daughter dynamic happening with Abby and Ashley – real problems. As for Abby being jealous of Daniel’s ex-wife, this is also believable, and the way Abby vented her pain in a drunken tantrum was great soap!

Give it to me.
Well, dirty Diane was back in spades; trotting her offended self over to the Abbott Mansion and offering herself up to Jack with a flick of the trench coat and a look like a cat in heat – entertaining! I’m relishing the fallout from their tryst, though I was mildly surprised she didn’t try to get Nick in bed again first. In any case, it will be interesting to see this mess play out, as Victor seems a little beaten down and more vulnerable than ever to his deep feelings for Nikki. Did you think Diane’s move was more power play or pathetic? Comment below.