Darius McCrary (JPI)

“I promise that it’s going to be explosive.”

Soaps.com recently sat down to chat with “The Young and the Restless” star Darius McCrary, who has portrayed Malcolm Winters since his long-awaited return to Genoa City in 2009. Read as Darius weighs in on his character’s current love triangle, gets candid about a potential future love interest for Malcolm, shares details about his exciting projects outside of “Y&R,” and much more!

Soaps.com: The love triangle between Malcolm, Sofia [Dupree, Julia Pace Mitchell] and Neil [Winters, Kristoff St. John] is brewing hard. What’s your take on the story, and how do you feel it ties in with the overall relationship that Malcolm and Neil have shared over the years?

Darius: First off, I just have to give props to Kristoff St. John, who’s not only a fine actor and an awesome thespian, but just a great human being, man. Just a solid person, a beautiful person. Julia Pace Mitchell… she’s just so wonderful. It’s a joy anytime I get to work with Kristoff and Julia, and Bryton [Devon Hamilton] as well. It’s just a joy. In terms of storyline, though, it’s all a matter of “turnabout is fair play.” It makes total sense for the writers to revisit this dynamic, and as a matter of fact, it’s what actually brought Malcolm back. So here we go again, but now the tables have turned.

Soaps.com: We’ve seen the way Malcolm reacted to Sofia keeping a secret from him when she was trying to help Cane [Ashby, Daniel Goddard]. What reaction should we expect from Malcolm if it’s revealed that Neil is actually the father of Sofia’s baby?

Darius: I don’t know, man, you gotta just tune in and watch! [laughs] Just watch it, man. Because whatever happens, I promise that it’s going to be explosive!

Soaps.com: If the pairing of Malcolm and Sofia was to come to an end, are there any other females in Genoa City with whom you could see your character being paired?

Darius: That’s kind of tough to say because they’re all such beautiful people on the show. I really enjoy the chemistry between Malcolm and Phyllis [Summers, Michelle Stafford]. I don’t know if that would ever happen, but I think that it would be very interesting.

Soaps.com: Any spoilers about what we can expect in the near future for Malcolm Winters?

Darius: It’s tough to say, because the writers are full of such surprises at “Y&R.” I think we can expect a lot of growth from the Malcolm character. There are a lot of places the writers can take him these days, just because the storyline permits. I think we’re in a different time with soaps now where the writers can push things a little more than they were able to in the past, and I’m able to keep giving a bit more.

Soaps.com: Recently the soap world was devastated when “All My Children” and “One Life To Live” were canceled. What’s your take on the future of the soap opera industry?

Darius: My take on the future of good television, period, is that we’re in jeopardy. It’s just like the world of music where people will listen to anything because it’s readily available. We have so many outlets, from the internet to digital cable, to satellite to TiVo, where you don’t even have to pay attention to the sponsors who pay for the programming. People are happy these days to have one million viewers watch something. I remember the days when we would have 15 to 30 million viewers tuning in every Friday night on TGIF.