Restless Rant
Week of April 25 – 29:

“Y&R” turned in another solid week of drama. The Baby Lucy storyline, in particular, really blew up this week, and I wasn’t disappointed. It was the focal point of the show this week, so I’ll go in depth on it. Sharon, Adam, and the Newmans also had some stuff happening, so I’ll look at that, along with the Phyllis/Jack break-up. Here we go!

The truth about Baby Lucy.

First there was Jana’s giddy disbelief as she realized that Lucy was Daisy’s baby – played to perfection by departing Emily O’Brien. Then there was Daniel leveling with Billy and telling him the straight up truth at the church – excellent scenes! Jana hatched her plan and snatched the children.

The tension-filled scenes as Vikki and Billy realized that Jana had taken the kids kicked off the momentum. Is there anything better than watching word spread through Genoa City when something dramatic happens? I don’t think so. I loved the beats that were played throughout, such as the Jill and Nikki stuff, Billy’s terse comment to Victor, and Katherine having one of her infamous talks with God. Chloe’s emotional eruption at Vikki and Billy was great drama to watch, as were the fabulously acted scenes between Kevin and Jana as he realized the extent of her mental breakdown and worked to convince her to leave the kids safely at the church.

Abby learned that Daniel confided in Lily and she had a realistic reaction, but I thought her speech in the church about Lily being a woman of substance was odd and out of place. Once again, many other beats were played in this storyline – Chance was woven in as a support to Chloe (Heather who?), Phyllis, Lauren, and Michael had a pow-wow at the coffee house, and Billy and Chloe learned from Delia that Kevin was with Jana, which caused speculation about Kevin’s role in the kidnapping. I loved the supportive gathering at the Chancellor Estate – especially the bit with Katherine, Esther, and Jill crying and laughing together. Billy, of course, told his wife the truth, and Daniel came over to reassure her – very taut, emotional scenes. The shocker, however, was Jana locking Kevin in a closet. Who would ever have thought that would happen!