“It’s fun.”

Soaps.com recently had the opportunity to touch base with Julia Pace Mitchell, the actress who plays newlywed (and pregnant!) Sofia Dupres Winters on “The Young and the Restless.” Read on for Julia’s take on her character’s choices and relationships.

Soaps.com: Let’s go back to when Sofia decided to help Cane (Daniel Goddard) at work – that’s when things really started to change for her. Why did she elect to keep his secret?

Julia: When Sofia first came on the show she was helping everybody out; she was doing everything she could, like helping Devon [with his music career], to get in good graces with Malcolm’s (Darius McCrary) family. I think it’s a character trait they’ve put in there, which would explain why she’d put herself out there for Cane – but then it kind of backfired.

Soaps.com: After Malcolm found out Sofia had helped Cane and kept his secret, he gave her a lot of flack. Sofia is depicted as a strong, educated, outspoken woman, so why didn’t she defend herself more?

Julia: I think a lot of times women can be powerful at work, but not necessarily at home. I always try to give her a softer side when she’s around him, which could be translated into being weak, or it could be that she’s manipulating him. I was really grateful that they let me show a lot more vulnerability in the character, so people could see the softer side of her.

Soaps.com: Tucker (Stephen Nichols) and Sofia also had a falling out over her helping Cane, but came back together. Is he a father figure?

Julia: Definitely. And they’ve been building that relationship which is really great; they gave Sofia a lovely backstory with Tucker and her father. When Sofia’s father passed away, Tucker kind of stepped in and took care of her. I think they established that bond – he thought she was trying to scam him with Cane, but realized she would never do anything like that, and came back around. I really enjoy working with Stephen, he’s just an old pro – I’m learning so much from him and Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor) – it’s really nice that I get the opportunity to work with them.

Soaps.com: Neil (Kristoff St. John) was a little more understanding about why she helped Cane, and they ended up sleeping together. What was the first thought that went through your mind when you got that script?

Julia: At first it was, “What bra am I going to wear!” [laughs] I was nervous. I didn’t think I was going to be as nervous as I was, not because of Kristoff, who was a gentleman, but I was nervous the whole day. But it was fun actually. I think it’s great that the storyline is allowing Sofia to have these two men after her – it’s fun. [Consider] who she is, and the situation that she’s in (pregnant and who’s the daddy?) – who would have thought my character would end up in that situation?