Restless Rant
Week of April 18 – 22:

It wasn’t a bad week in Genoa City. I was more interested in the storylines than I’ve been in a while. As for ‘The Sharon and Adam Show’, I’m okay with the new stuff with Sam, and appreciated the drama of everyone thinking Sharon was dead, but worry it will dominate too much – guess we’ll see. Here’s my take on the week:

Oh, baby!
Well, the Baby Lucy storyline is moving faster than I’d anticipated, but every beat is still being played as it snowballs, which is great. My guess is that Billy and Daniel will work to keep the secret, but that may be impossible if Jana goes too far. I’m torn between wanting the secret to be a long-held one, and wanting Victoria to find out now before she’s even more attached to Lucy. This one is really going to blow up and will create lots of long-term story possibilities as well. Loving this! Emily O’Brien’s time as Jana wraps up in the next week or so – how do you think Jana will go?

He loved her to death.
The drama mama in me relished everyone’s shocked reactions to the news of Sharon’s death, but it’s very tough to believe that Sharon would ‘play dead’, especially to her children. Given the alternative, and the fact that she’s struggling with it, I’m willing to buy into it – mainly because it creates the opportunity for a new storyline. Adam’s story has also gained another layer due to Sharon’s ‘death’; he’s lost the woman he loves, and everyone’s blaming him. (In’s recent poll, only 7% of respondents blamed Adam for the situation Sharon is in). So this begs the question, is Adam’s current suffering finally payback for the things he’s done? Did you feel for him this week? Let know by casting a vote in The Young and the Restless Snap Poll: Did You Feel For Adam?

Wile E. Coyote without the roadrunner.
Daniel’s comment to Phyllis about not having Sharon to torment anymore, and her reaction, was priceless. Something tells me it won’t be too long before she can turn her focus to tormenting Diane; I’m so relishing the thought of her finding out Nick and Diane were bed buddies!

Memorial melee.
Another Genoa City memorial service, another wish for people to grieve realistically – or at least cry really hard. Okay, Noah’s grief was obvious, but when did Doris become such an utter witch? Sure she shed a few tears, but she rolled into the church still complaining about Sharon not listening! I also got a kick out of Nikki being front and center; I get that she was supporting Nick and the kids, but didn’t she stop just short of wishing Sharon dead in their last exchange? Then there was Victor, once again acting as top dog. I couldn’t suppress a grin of anticipation when Adam saw his flowers tossed on the ground outside and looked up at the church window, determined to get in. Oh, the anticipation as he dropped in out of the bell tower. The Adam/Victor showdowns are pure gold; when they share a scene it gets my undivided attention.