Restless Rant
Week of April 11 – 15:

In light of the stunning and sad announcement of the cancellations of All My Children and One Life To Live yesterday, I’m finding it impossible to do anything but appreciate “The Young and the Restless” today. Shortly after I got the news, I watched a scene of Jack and Victor sparring on “Y&R” and was struck by how powerful it is to have so many years of history between two characters – it’s what makes soaps so special. Sure there are storyline issues to vent about, and casting choices to question, but “Y&R” still delivers, and I simply can’t imagine it not being on the air. There has never been a more critical time to lift up our favorite Daytime shows and support them. Therefore, this ‘rant’ will have a healthy dose of ‘rave’ to note all the things worth celebrating about the show this past week:

I actually love that Sharon’s escape could never happen in real life – it’s one of those soap opera plots where it’s totally okay to suspend disbelief for the sake of the drama – plus it led to another one of those tension-filled scenes between Adam and Victor. Yes, it’s bizarre that Sharon is in this situation, but I can appreciate the change from her crying alone at the Abbott cabin as per usual – at least we get to see another side of her and go on a bit of a ride. So far, other than the ridiculous letters, and the spray tan she seems to have acquired while fleeing for her life, it’s looking okay as ‘on the run’ stories go. Her emotional scenes with Mama Doris (who I don’t remember being so mean!) were quite intense, and Sharon being presumed dead should make for some good fallout back in Genoa City. Also, I’m looking forward to her meeting the new hottie veterinarian, Sam.

She invented the game.
What a treat to see Katherine full of fighting spirit, and laughing with Victor, as they discussed their plot to break up the alliance between Victoria and Tucker. With Tucker acquiring Adam’s stock and receiving a warning from Victor, Tucker and Jack calling a truce, and Victoria planning to start a new rival company, I say, “Let the games begin.”

Fool me once…
I got a kick out of Adam leading Nick and Phyllis to St. Martin’s, and tricking them into boarding the boat – good stuff. As for Nick and Phyllis’s shenanigans later in the week, what can you say? Their chemistry is undeniable, and the build up all week was palpable. I love to have some passion in the afternoon, and they never disappoint in that department. It’s also ironic that searching for Sharon of all people is what threw them together. As I’m not a fan of Nick’s flip-flopping, I kind of hope they leave it at this for now.