Incredible opportunity.

Writer Tom Casiello, who has been with “The Young and the Restless” since 2009, has made the decision to leave the show. Tom explained to friends and fans on his Facebook page that it was no reflection on “Y&R,” saying, “It was a personal decision for myself, my own abilities, my own life – and has nothing to do with anything at the show.” Tom added, “I have been so lucky to work with such an incredible team of breakdown and script writers – and I want to thank Maria Bell especially for all she’s given me for the last two years. I’ve had an absolute blast in Genoa City, with a team I admire and respect greatly.”

Be sure to catch Tom’s last episode, which will air on May 27, and join in wishing him all the best with the new opportunity that has come his way. Are you happy with the writing on “Y&R” right now? Let us know by voting in the snap poll below.