Restless Rant
Week of April 4 – 8:

Although I’m still not wild about all of the current storylines, there’s no denying that things improved this week in Genoa City. There’s been plenty of tension, drama, and business intrigue, but there’s still slim pickins in the passion and romance department. Let’s take a look at the week:

Nutty as pecan pie.
I’m suddenly enjoying the downward spiral of Jana, who is obviously becoming more unhinged by the day. Pairing up Gloria and Chloe to antagonize Jana even further was an inspired choice – how funny was the scene at Jana’s door with Chloe thumping on Gloria’s faux baby bump! Wait until Billy discovers that Jana’s the one sniffing around his bank account and Primrose – he’ll be wishing he’d listened to Chloe in a big way. I’m not in any hurry for the Baby Lucy secret to be revealed, or for Chloe and Kevin to live happily ever after, so I’m riding this wave while it lasts.

Hot-tempered twosome.
Don’t get me wrong, I love Lauren and Michael, but are these two in desperate need of a vacation or what? I get them being pissed at Daisy escaping, but hoo-boy this is one cranky couple lately. Michael’s been tense for a while now – perhaps it’s all that kowtowing to Victor – and I don’t think Lauren has truly relaxed since her pre-cage days. It’s five o’clock somewhere – here’s hoping Lauren and Michael find their happy place again soon.

Third wheel.
It will be interesting to see if Jack becomes a big business player again once the Newman IPO hits the streets, because at this point, he’s rating third behind hardcore GC moguls Tucker and Victor. Not only that, but Victor is making a side project of usurping his son Kyle’s attention. Adding insult to injury, Jack’s main squeeze seems to be more turned on by scoring a scoop than by scoring with him. Here’s hoping Jack has something up his sleeve…

What a tool!
I’d be seeing a therapist too if my biological father up and decided to get married in the same church where my husband was recently gunned down. Only a self-absorbed cad like NuMalcolm would even think of broaching an idea like this one. I wish Sofia had put her foot down and refused, but then she had her hands full dealing with Thing Two; self-important Neil, who assumed that after one night with him, she’d be ruined for other men. Yeesh! In any case, I think deep, deep down Neil wants Malcolm to know that he bedded his woman – it’s only a matter of time before it comes out…

Willy-nilly Lily.
Lily has been rocking an edgier new look lately that I really like, but she’s also been floating around town twinless and dazed. She snaps out of it long enough to listen to Daniel’s woes, but seems to be always waiting for that next ‘Cane fix’. I hope something new happens in this storyline soon – the random sightings will get old fast. As for the latest on Cane’s portrayer, Daniel Goddard, he told this week, “I am thrilled to be part of the “Y&R” family and am so grateful. I am a blessed man.”