Credit: Michael Muhney (Judy Eddy/

“Phyllis gets under Adam’s skin, but there’s also an attraction there…” recently sat down to chat with “The Young and the Restless” star Michael Muhney, who plays the “black sheep” Adam Newman in Genoa City’s most infamous family. In Part II of this exclusive, Michael gets candid about the probability of a long-term relationship between Adam and Sharon, the possibility of a hook-up between Adam and Phyllis, the truth behind Adam’s blindness, and much more! Based on everything we know about Adam, do you think a future between him and Sharon [Sharon Case] is actually possible?

Michael: Is it possible? Yes. Is it probable? No. Even in the best of circumstances, with two white-washed characters, they’re not interesting to watch for longer than several years. If you want to see people happily married with things working out, then just turn your TV off and hang out with your own family. But if you want to see the heightened drama, well Adam and Sharon’s relationship is severely handicapped from the get-go. Will they be able to persevere? I think they have rather large hurdles ahead of them. But there’s no question in my mind that Adam truly wants Sharon. Viewers are raving about Phyllis and Adam’s recent trip to Thailand, stating that the on-screen chemistry between you and Michelle [Stafford] is electric. Any chance we’d ever see a hookup between these two characters?

Michael: That’s an interesting question and an interesting reaction by folks watching the show. We have to be careful with storytelling to not let two characters romantically hook up just because there’s chemistry. I think some of the most powerful relationships I’ve seen on screen have been moonlighting characters. As an audience, it’s often better to be wanting it than actually seeing it. What’s interesting about Phyllis and Adam is that there’s so much distaste between the characters, but almost this unspoken respect between the two of them. When someone walks into a room with a big set of brass balls, and they notice someone else has balls of similar size, you tend to tip your hat to them and go, “Good for you!” Sometimes the deepest passion comes from friction.

Michael: Yes, Phyllis gets under Adam’s skin, but there’s also an attraction there. It doesn’t have to be a sexual attraction, though. It’s like you being attracted to the bright lights on the Vegas strip. I think Adam doesn’t mind having them put their heads together and work together. I’m thrilled to know that many people enjoy the Phyllis-Adam relationship. For the future, what makes their relationship important, is that they’re not having sex. I think it would be out of character for the two to get physical with one another. Your character throws out so many quick zingers to the people around him, whether it’s Phyllis, Victor [Eric Braeden] or anyone else. Do you ad-lib any of those quirky lines?