Restless Rant
Week of March 28 – April 1:

Once again, I’ve found this week’s storylines rather ‘middle-of-the-road’. There is certainly nothing happening that could be classified as must-see TV. The Baby Lucy storyline continues to move along at a great pace, but others are dragging. The fabulous thing about “Y&R” is that there is always something to appreciate in each day’s episode. Let’s take a look:

Drag race.
I’m feeling a little weary of Nikki and her flask and Victor’s press conferences. The continued focus on Sharon’s troubles is also wearing a bit thin, although the wisecracking and banter between Phyllis and Adam in Thailand was a bright spot in the storyline this week. Sharon’s case also raises some questions, such as one asked by poster, Longhornsfan 79, in our message board, “How can the state of Wisconsin charge Sharon with a murder committed outside their jurisdiction in Hawaii?” Things that make you go hmm… Also, if Victor is so hell bent on clearing Sharon, why didn’t he simply order Koa and his camera to Genoa City? Did anyone else notice that the writers made a point of having Vance and Victor exchange barbs at the courthouse? A set-up for future rivalry over Nikki perhaps?

A ghost of a chance?
I’m still intrigued by the mystery of what’s going on with Lily’s ‘sightings’, and I still suspect Colin is behind some of the incidents and/or that Cane may actually be alive. That said, it seems to be taking a while for Lily to find Cane’s note, and the twists need to keep coming if this storyline is going to hold viewers’ interest. Lily’s conversation with Lauren about therapy was an example of how things can easily become dull and draggy. Don’t forget to read about the latest news related to this storyline, including an update on Daniel Goddard’s status, and the casting of Genie Francis as Cane’s mother.

Neil trumps Malcolm.
I got a kick out of Neil trumping Malcolm by giving Sofia the most heartfelt birthday gift, but I also found myself wondering what happened to Neil and Leslie – aren’t they supposed to be getting to know each other better? Let’s go there! As for Neil’s visit to Victoria – I thought he gave great advice, and as a longtime viewer I appreciated the nod to their past closeness.