Restless Rant
Week of March 21 – 25:

There just isn’t a whole lot happening storyline-wise right now in Genoa City that has viewers rushing to the television set to tune in. I’d like get back to having some couples to root for – there’s been a lot of mismatches lately. Check out my thoughts on the week:

Rescue me.
It was super-frustrating having Chance’s storyline come to revolve around Heather this week. Why keep featuring such an unpopular character? I was glad Chance went ahead and testified against the crusty Pomerantz, but the rest – rescuing Heather, telling Heather she’s ‘the one’, chasing around after her in dark glasses – was a waste of time. Many viewers have commented that they hope Chance will go back into witness protection and take Heather with him. What’s your take?

March madness.
I like that Daniel is supporting Lily, but don’t particularly want to see them reconcile. As for the text Lily received, it seems pretty logical that it could have been from Colin – especially considering him and Jill showed up right after – but it could be Cane. Either way, something has to give soon.

Abby’s antics.
I was surprised to see Abby having herself arrested again, but I’d like to see her succeed despite everyone’s doubts, and I still like her with Daniel.

Baby drama.
I love the way the drama is building in the Lucy storyline. Having Jana getting closer to the truth just as Daisy is located, and Billy and Victoria christening the baby after a close call with the birth certificate, is really heightening the stakes. The best tale on the show right now.