Restless Rant
Week of March 7 – 11:

It was an eventful week in Genoa City – particularly for the Newman family. I’m going to switch it up this time around and rant on a day-by-day basis. Join me!

Monday – “Smell The Pavement.”
The week kicked off with Chance, who was going a little ‘shack-wacky’, telling off Chloe and trying to make her see how fortunate she is by urging her to ‘smell the pavement’ – definitely worth a giggle. What followed with Chance and Heather was no laughing matter, however, as Heather pulled another one of her cringe-worthy ‘I hate you’ moments in what just might be one of the phoniest soap scenes I’ve watched since…well, since she did the same thing with Ronan. Sigh.

Malcolm and Sofia got engaged again, but after the way he treated her following Cane’s death, I’ve really got no use for him.

Victor gave his statement to the D.A. to save Sharon’s behind, and Sharon put two and two together and realized that Adam didn’t leave of his own accord – love this. Nothing annoys me more than a character not being able to figure out the obvious.

Tuesday – “In Favor Of The Plaintiffs.”
I was very impressed with Nick admitting to Sharon that he was the one who made Adam leave – it’s such a novelty when a soap character tells the truth right off the hop.

The way the lawsuit played out was excellent. I was really intrigued by the implications of Neil getting involved and turning the final screw so to speak. The most brilliant aspect, however, was that I wanted Victor to lose – I really did – just so he’d learn a lesson and pay a price, finally, for some of the rotten things he’s done. But the minute he showed his vulnerability to Nikki in the stables, I was crying – crying! That was the man’s life work they messed with! It was just awesome the way all those emotions were pulled from me, almost against my will. This is why Y&R is still the best for me. As for Nikki and Victor getting it on in the hay – I can’t believe Diane saw that and still agreed to marry him the next day – desperate much? Read what Josh Morrow (Nick) had to say about the verdict through Chats with The Young And The Restless’s Josh Morrow.

Kyle and the football versus Phyllis made for some very funny bits which I appreciated as the rest of the episode was fairly heavy.

I loved Neil making his bold ‘room service’ move with hot-to-trot attorney Leslie, but I was totally thrown off by him putting a stop to the passion. What’s up with that? Any guesses?