Restless Rant
Week of February 28 – March 4:

I loved the twists and turns in the Victor/lawsuit storyline this week. My biggest issue is that the overall mood of the show continues to be a tad gloomy and doomy – just a few warm fuzzies amid the conflicts. Let’s take a look:

Do I really know you?
I was pretty glued to the screen when Ashley learned that Jack and Tucker were behind Abby suing Victor – good Abbott drama, and great Ashley/Tucker confrontation! Abby’s temper tantrum at the Abbott Mansion was also appreciated – I’d been missing her edge. I hope Ashley stays with Tucker when the dust settles. Although I’ll never understand that dalliance he had with Diane, I like him and Ash as a couple. Also interesting is the ramifications this revelation will have for Tucker and Katherine when she finds out his role in the lawsuit. Of course, this will happen just in time to mess things up now that they are starting to bond. Regardless of the ups and downs, I eat up every scene Katherine and Tucker are in together, and this week at the Club was no exception.

I got a kick out of Nikki moving Deacon lock, stock, and barrel into the Athletic Club after seeing the cockroach – wake-up call! Of course it was totally unbelievable that she would have hung out there for longer than five minutes in the first place. I’m wondering if anyone has worse luck trying to turn their fortunes around than Deacon Sharpe? I can see the writing on the wall where this couple is concerned. Perpetually caught-between-a-rock-and-a-hard-place Deacon will bust Meggie out of jail to shut her up, and Victor, who has Meggie in his cross-hairs, will discover Deacon was responsible for her escape and lord it over Nikki. As per usual, Nikki will end up groveling at Victor’s feet. Ack! Anyone have a different theory?

The Duchess and the Governor.
Katherine messing with Jill via the Governor was kind of funny. While the Colin character is coming across as ‘reformed’, I’m afraid to like him, or him with Jill, given that he drove his own son into an early grave.

Ghost or ghoul?
Again, I find I’m wary of every move Colin makes toward Lily, and am still suspicious that he’s behind these Cane sightings. I simply can’t decide if he’s genuine in his desire to help Lily because he regrets so much, or if he’s plotting against her. It does make the scenes interesting to watch, trying to figure it out. By the way, isn’t it about time Lily finds that letter?