Restless Rant
Week of February 21 – 25:

It was an interesting week in Genoa City. The groundwork is being laid for some of the building stories, and the family feud/lawsuit blew up in a way that will have far-reaching implications for many for a long time! Let’s get down to it:

While I enjoyed the scenes between Sofia and Lily earlier in the week (loved Sofia sharing), I was disappointed that Sofia and Neil did the nasty behind Malcolm’s back so easily. Also, the way it played out was rather formulaic – Malcolm and Neil argue, Neil and Sofia do the deed, and Malcolm returns all apologetic and loving toward both of them to amp up their guilty feelings – nothing new in that soap scenario. Additionally, the Neil/Sofia love scenes came off looking awkward thanks to the blankets and odd positioning. Thankfully, Neil’s smokin’ hot physique provided ample distraction. Wow! As for Tucker deciding to forgive Sofia later in the week – I liked it – warm fuzzies!

Baby daddy.
I’m still loving Daniel’s struggle with knowing Lucy is his daughter. I’m also enjoying his connection with Lily. The fact that they are confiding in one another bumps it up a notch.

I don’t have this figured out yet, but I think someone may be messing with Lily. The only likely candidate is Colin, whose motivation would be to make Lily look crazy, and then push Jill to seek custody of the twins. Of course it would be ridiculous if Jill, who was no real relation to Cane, got custody over, say, Neil, but this is a soap opera… Anyone else have a theory about the spooky happenings?

Nanny from hell.
I have a hard time believing Billy would hire Jana, but he did. I feel no anticipation in this storyline – for me, it remains a dud. Chloe and Kevin as a couple have no rooting value, and as long as Jana’s a psycho, I won’t be pulling for her to get him back either. It seems a “Fatal Attraction”/”Hand That Rocks the Cradle” story has been devised for these characters and it’s moving forward whether viewers like it or not. Plot-driven storylines are such a headache.