Restless Rant
Week of February 14 – 18:

I’m finding events in Genoa City as a whole very ‘middle of the road’ lately. This past week was a mix of fairly entertaining scenes, and stuff that was ‘off’ for me. Everyone will have different opinions on the storylines this past week – here are mine:

Oh, what a night!
Overall, I enjoyed the antics at Gloworm’s Puppy Love fundraiser. Victor walking over to Nikki and Deacon and asking if she was drunk made me laugh out loud – so like him. He followed that up by making a public declaration that Diane was his woman, which was a bit of a show – just slightly more civilized than clubbing her over the head and dragging her out by the hair. But the best scene, without a doubt, was the Newman clan gasping, staring, and whispering as Adam proved he’s definitely his father’s son by proposing to Sharon before all and sundry. I loved the ring in the Bananas Foster, and the proposal itself, in fact, I felt very ‘caught up’ in their chemistry until I remembered that he let her believe her baby was dead – such a nasty hurdle to overcome. On the ‘ranty’ side of things, I have absolutely no interest in Jeffrey’s money troubles, and the Jana/Kevin/Chloe stuff was a debacle. Jana was stalkery and stilted, Chloe and Kevin’s ‘angry passion’ felt forced, and, well, let’s just say I never want to see those two characters post-sex and panting ever again. Egad.

Hottest Valentines.
Lauren and Michael. This couple has been together forever and yet they still heat up the screen like they’re hooking up for the first time. Smokin’!

Dance with me.
The issue that’s emerging for me with the Nikki and Deacon pairing is that I’m not clear on Deacon’s motivations for being in the relationship. Is he hoping to marry her to score big bucks, or does he really have feelings for her? Nikki’s point-of-view has been developed, but Deacon’s outlook should be explored; the writers need to let us in on his thoughts and feelings. As for Meggie’s return, I wasn’t really excited about it, but I did get a laugh out of her referring to Nikki as ‘our aging princess’, and asking Deacon if he was ‘still hitting that’. Hilarious!

Cancel that.
Sofia should count herself lucky she escaped marriage to Malcolm – talk about a guy who needs to get over himself. As for the possibility of sparks flying between Sofia and Neil, I’ll say this: I don’t mind the idea of them as a couple, but get tired of the soap cliché of two brothers fighting over a woman. Especially since these two brothers have done this in the past how many times? It’s old hat.