Restless Rant
Week of February 7 – 11:

It was an eventful week in Genoa City, which is good. A couple of gatherings, some storylines moving ahead, and a few different faces on the canvas. Let’s break it down:

He’s back.
I enjoyed the return of Chance, but nearly choked when he told Heather the hardest part was leaving her – what bunk. She was hardly a great love, and I don’t care how hard they sell it, I’m not buying her as the damsel torn between two brothers – the character is a dud who doesn’t have an ounce of chemistry with either of them. My other bone to pick? Since the moment I knew Chance was alive, I’d anticipated what Chloe’s reaction would be when she found out. This week, it finally happened and…nothing. I felt robbed of the opportunity to feel some raw emotion. Enough with everybody being ‘numb’!

Hello Nathan Hastings.
I thought it was interesting that they brought this character back. He’s looking good all grown up! He had a great vibe to him, so I kind of hope he comes to stay.

He’s gone.
Where oh where could Ronan be? I love twists that get you thinking, and liked the way the writers had Nate tell Nina ‘He’s gone’, at the end of the episode so everyone thought Ronan had died. It was great how the incident ignited a sudden controversy in the hospital with newly arrived Phillip weighing in, Christine scrambling for an explanation, and Chance itching to get out of his bed to ‘do’ something. Good stuff. What’s your theory on Ronan’s disappearance? Let us know by voting in’s The Young And The Restless Snap Poll: Ronan’s Gone.

Cane – the aftermath.
While Sofia’s struggle with guilt is believable, and staid Neil is behaving exactly as one would expect, moody Malcolm is on my last nerve. As for Lily, is she ever going to get to shed some more tears, (or better yet have a breakdown!) over her true love being dead? What strange writing! In any case, I did like the scene between her and Daniel this week. As for Cane’s other loved ones, Jill’s been handily distracted by Chance being alive, Colin is sneaking moments with his photograph, and Kay seems eerily calm. I noticed she needled Colin about Phillip being back (and how she hopes he’ll fill them all in on the men who were after Cane). I think Katherine knows Colin and Cane were connected at the very least.