Restless Rant
Week of January 31 – February 4:

What a dramatic week! Let’s get right down to the nitty-gritty:

So after teaming with Adam to bring down Victor, Jack goes to Victor and proposes to bring down Adam. I like it. Keep the twists coming! As for Sharon and Adam, the flowery speeches about true love seem a little obvious. If viewers are going to buy into this couple it should happen organically.

Me Malcolm, you Sofia.
Loved Sofia confronting Blake in Jimmy’s, but did not like her apologizing to Malcolm. The man behaved like a caveman toward her! That said, Malcolm’s impulsive and hotheaded disposition was a nice contrast with Neil’s calmer demeanor in this week’s scenes.

Classically great soap interaction.
The scenes between Billy and Jill, and Billy and Colin at the Club were terrific – I can’t get enough of Billy’s reactions where Jill is concerned – loved the eye-rolling, drink-swigging, and the proclamation, “This is nuts!”

Tree, 1, Victor, 0.
The idea of the invincible Victor Newman being temporarily slowed down by an encounter with a tree tickled my funny bone. I’m not sure what to make of Diane dating Nick and Victor simultaneously – perhaps if she was being more devious and calculating about it, I would enjoy it more than simply seeing her being pulled in two directions. As mentioned last time, I’d like her to be stronger.

Please no sexy time.
When Chloe and Kevin were planning to finally have their sexy time while Jana was attending group therapy, I was actually cringing. I really don’t want these two as anything more than besties. Case in point: the BAD sexual innuendo currently being passed off as dialogue between them is a far cry from the witty, easy banter they shared as friends. End the nightmare.

Just go away.
Heather continued being a nuisance this week. Now that Chance is back, we’ll no doubt have to endure watching her get all up in his face – not looking forward to it.

You are the father.
Interesting that Daniel got the call confirming the DNA results when the baby was right across the room from him. It made me instantly wonder if he felt a pull toward her and if he will begin to change his mind about keeping quiet – great cliffhanger.