Restless Rant
Week of January 17 – 21:

To change things up a bit this week, the Rant will take a more in-depth look at the most talked-about storyline on The Young and the Restless right now – the Sharon and Adam pairing. Earlier this week I went to the board asking readers to sum up their feelings for our first ever Y&R Fan Face-Off. After looking at both sides, I’ll add my two cents, and then weigh in briefly on the other storylines this week. Buckle your seat belts – here we go!

Against Sharon and Adam. readers who are against this pairing can’t get past Adam’s sinister misdeeds, and cannot relate to Sharon’s feelings for him. Here’s what readers are saying: “…this whole thing is just sick.” (Missys soaps); “For me, watching Sharon cuddle and kiss and make love to the man who stole her child is beyond disgusting. I find nothing sexy about it at all.” (Cheesy); “I think they will have to address that Sharon has serious “mental” issues to even go there…” (KeepingItReal); “…truly disgusting and totally unbelievable.” (Lady53); “There is no way that a woman would go back to a man who put her through so much pain.” (IluvNY)

Others just feel the reconciliation happened way too fast: “The Shadam story has been too rushed with no redemption of Adam, only destruction of Sharon.” (countryMomof4); “To literally go from Sharon fearing Adam to loving him in a week was beyond absurd.” (chancegirl); “I get that Sharon might have been torn about Adam, but Faith just celebrated her first birthday which means it’s only been 6 months since all this has happened.” (Pinchy)

Pro Sharon and Adam. readers in favor of the Sharon and Adam relationship seem to enjoy the qualities they bring out in one another, their chemistry, and relish the controversial aspect. Here’s what this camp is saying: “I personally enjoy the Shadum relationship. It brings a bit of an edge to the Soap…to me, this is an exciting change.” (puddycat); “Sharon and Adam are great together…for once, she’s starting to stand on her own two feet, with the support of a man who loves the bones of her.” (grammapam); “Shadam has all the winning elements of a classic sudsy soapy love story…a love that survives against all odds, a sexual chemistry that binds them and draws the viewers to them, and controversy.” (YR Viewer); “I like this Sharon more than I have liked Sharon for many years…I really like Adam; so many layers to him…he has done some miserable things but that just proves he is his daddy’s son doesn’t it? Sharon and Adam are good together.” (calliope); “Sharon and Adam exude confidence when they are together. They take on whatever challenge is thrown at them and they face it head on…they bring out the best parts of each other.” (lovinthesoaps); “The chemistry between Sharon and Adam is electrifying. Their love story is one of forgiveness, healing and strength.” (classic-rock); “I love the whole forbidden love and redemption themes. It is perfect soap opera material.” (happyfanyr); “It is sick, it is twisted, but it works.” (Rquattro)