Restless Rant
Week of January 10 – 14:

Once again it’s been a week of finding the awesomeness worth watching in the big picture. Scenes such as Nina telling Ronan she knows about his medical condition continue to be a reason to tune in even when the storylines themselves aren’t all that compelling. Here are my thoughts on the past week:

It’s Jack, man.
Watching the normally be-suited Jack pretend to be a cool surfer dude in Hawaii was definitely cause for a giggle. As for him finding Skye’s perfume bottle and key chain – it was way too easy, but satisfying for those who enjoy Jack’s occasional and fleeting moments of victory.

Victor versus Jack.
It’s always entertaining to listen and watch as these two spar, there’s no denying that. Jack seemed to have the full court advantage after Hawaii, and headed out to the Ranch to gloat – only to discover that Victor had moved Kyle and Diane into his house. As per the pattern, Jack only ever gets an inch on Victor before getting slapped back down. Of course, Victor’s also dealing with the lawsuit right now, and his daughters and Vance appear to be getting the best of him, but we all know this can’t possibly last either – Victor only ever experiences ‘setbacks’. I thought Victor might change somewhat after his Christmas epiphany, but have found myself wondering if I really want that deep down. It’s a nice reliable feeling to know who will come out on top, right? Weigh in on this topic by casting a vote in’s The Young And The Restless Snap Poll: The Victor Newman Phenomenon.

The baby crisis.
While I enjoyed Victoria’s straight talk to her father this week in the lawsuit mediation, her persona at home has left a lot to be desired. I see some viewers referring to her as a real downer, and it’s the truth. This whole need-to-have-a-baby crisis seemed to swamp newlyweds Victoria and Billy out of the blue and suddenly their lives were about nothing else. For me, some beats have been missed in the telling of this story, and I feel a little detached from it, and from the characters – especially Billy with his urgent need to acquire a baby for Victoria without any discussion. Part of the trouble may be that the story is a tad plot-driven due to the Daisy’s baby tie-in. The silver lining is that the set-up spells big emotional drama down the road.

Forget it.
Fake amnesiac Jana asking ‘Kev’ if he’s coming to bed, and Kevin making a ‘freaked out’ face made me smile, but beyond that, this storyline holds little charm for me at this point. I cringed when Kevin rolled out the sorry old promise to Chloe that he would tell Jana the truth ‘soon’. Come. On.