Restless Rant
Week of January 3 – 7:

The show was a mixed bag this week. For me, there were some storyline details to take issue with, and notably, the overall gloomy feel had not lifted. The good news? As always, there were some really strong dramatic scenes to enjoy. Check out my thoughts on this past week in Genoa City:

The great escape.
Daisy’s escape certainly was stunning – especially when you consider what she pulled off mere minutes after giving birth! In light of the bodily realities she would have been facing at such a time, I doubt she would have been up to pulling Daniel’s dead weight out of the car onto the side of the road, ditching the baby at a church, driving to Canada, convincing a clueless border guard to let her into the country, and popping around to visit the ATM. Of course, I’m willing to buy it all just to have the annoying character gone. The bad news is, she could return at any time, and Lauren will never let us forget it!

Hospital drama.
I actually enjoyed the scenes in the hospital. I love a gathering – whether happy or tension-filled – it always brings about an unpredictable series of conversations and exchanges. Daniel and Phyllis’s argument before he took off looking for Daisy was powerful, and later, Lauren and Phyllis going at it was brilliant – two red-headed spitfires! The scenes at Daniel’s bedside, while somewhat predictable, were good due to the acting. I also enjoyed the ‘moment’ between Abby and Phyllis – love the simple stuff.

Party like it’s 2010?
I’m still not liking the twists in Jana’s story. It’s unbelievable enough that she would have cut a deal with Daisy, let alone set her free. But that’s not all; Jana is now so utterly unhinged that she hit herself over the head with a concrete block to gain sympathy from Kevin. What? As for her faking selective amnesia, it made me roll my eyes – why would Kevin fall for it at this point? In any case, all of this game playing is beneath the Jana that I knew as Kevin’s wife, which bothers me because I want to be able to root for her. As I’m not a fan of Kevin and Chloe as a romantic couple, the ramifications for a triangle don’t fill me with anticipation either. Maybe things will change as the story rolls out.