Restless Rant
Week of December 27 – 31:

On the whole, I was disappointed to have New Year’s Eve ushered in on The Young and the Restless this year by a lot of gloom and doom and weirdness. Once again, it felt a bit too much like the Twilight Zone rather than Genoa City. We didn’t even see many of our favorite characters this week, let alone get to watch them indulge in any fun New Year’s Eve celebrations or family gatherings. Here’s the silver lining – the acting has been stellar. It never fails to impress me how the talented cast on Y&R can create riveting scenes within stories that you might otherwise turn off. Bravo! Here are my thoughts, which, like the show, you may find to be a little dark and weird this week:

Fantasy World.
Daniel thinks Daisy is living in a fantasy world. She’s not the only one. The writers are living there too if they think we’re entertained by Daisy’s crocodile tears, Jana acting positively wacko and without any integrity to her character, and the unbelievable chain of events that transpired surrounding Daisy being at Daniel’s/going into labor. Why didn’t the guard accompany people inside when they visited? Why was Daisy allowed a virtual revolving door of visitors unsupervised? Why on earth would Daniel suddenly dismiss the guard? Shouldn’t the guard have been the one designated to drive Daisy to the hospital when she went into labor? Why would they turn off the ankle monitor instead of, I don’t know, monitoring it? With that said, Kevin and Daniel both had some very intense, emotional scenes that I enjoyed this week amidst all of the nonsense.

Out of the frying pan, into the fire.
Aloha Skye – waste of a good character – if she’s truly dead. Well, not only did Sharon and Victor set records jetting from Wisconsin to Hawaii this week, but their storyline came close to setting new records for ridiculousness! Let’s see, Victor’s superior intelligence and planning fooled the entire town of Genoa City and its law enforcement into believing that Skye is dead and Adam killed her, yet within a week Sharon was able to pinpoint Skye’s exact location – due to a perfume delivery! I won’t even get into the believability factor of Skye and Sharon’s face-to-face meeting taking place on an active volcano at night with no witnesses (hello, hiking group) and Sharon conveniently losing her camera as well. If that’s not far out enough for you, how about The Great Victor Newman apparently finding time to pay off the necessary people to lie for him and still make it up the side of the volcano quickly enough to witness Sharon and Skye’s scrap? Also, it seems that Victor is so hell-bent on framing Adam, that Skye’s death didn’t even faze him – guess she was just a necessary sacrifice in the fight for justice. So much for Victor’s Christmas epiphany and his promise to Colleen’s ghost! Personally, I would have added my own twist to this story. Picture it – Sharon convinces Ronan and Heather to accompany her to Hawaii so she has actual witnesses. Heather tries to save Skye but gets pulled down into the volcano with her (oops!). Ronan and Sharon, mad with heat and regret, have hot tropical sex. About nine months later, Sharon pops out a baby just as she learns that Ronan is the carrier of a potentially fatal genetic disease! Is it Ronan’s baby or Adam’s? Will it need a liver transplant or go blind? Can the DNA lab in Genoa City be trusted to reveal the truth? Oh, the drama! (Disclaimer – sometimes you just gotta’ laugh.)