has been contacted by some concerned Y&R fans who are wondering if the actor that plays Devon Winters, Bryton McClure, will be leaving the popular soap to head off to University! Well, we are happy to report that Bryton’s father Eric has confirmed that his talented son signed a three-year contract with The Young and the Restless immediately prior to his 2007 Emmy win, and his future in daytime looks bright!

The Young and the Restless is very lucky to have landed Bryton for the role of Devon. Although he is an accomplished actor, appearing from a young age on the series, “Family Matters”, Bryton is also a talented musician who has had the opportunity to sing onstage twice with Michael Jackson, and also to perform in duets with musical greats such as LeAnn Rimes!

Bryton also has a fondness for charity work, in fact, he even has his own charity which he established in 1996 called “RADD Kids”, for youth safety. He has been honored for his contributions in this field, including the Michael Landon Award for charitable contributions through youth in entertainment, just as he has been in acting and music.

Many fans would love to see Devon figure more prominently in story line. Currently the character is secretly harboring feelings for his ‘sister’ Lily, and masterminding a plan to keep her apart from her love interest, Cane. His partner in crime most recently is friend Roxanne (Tatyana Ali), so who knows, maybe something will develop between these two Genoa City students! Whatever Devon’s story turns out to be on Y&R, one thing is certain, his fans can rest easy knowing he has a long-term contract and plans on sticking around!