An interview with Daniel Goddard.

Christine Fix sat down with Daniel Goddard (Cane Ashby, Young And The Restless, just before the holidays to discuss his Christmas traditions, and his favourite holiday movie.

Daniel says, “This Christmas I am delighted to say that we are staying home. I have travelled cross country with the family for the past three and just got back from spending Thanksgiving in Florida, and now it is time to rest and actually enjoy the family time without the hassles of TSA pat downs. Mind you I did get a rather enjoyable one in Tulsa last October, but that is another story.”

We asked if he had any Christmas traditions and he said, “As far as family traditions, in Australia we go to the beach after a family BBQ. Surprisingly in LA however, it rains. I am not complaining about the rain. Believe me, I live in a city that gets rain for only twenty or so days a year, and so every drop is cherished. Actually when it started raining this week, Ford (my four year old) ran outside and just stood there in the rain. I wasn’t far behind…. trust me.”

Daniel goes on to say, “Growing up in Oz we watched “Frosty the Snowman,” with Burl Ives. Well, we didn’t watch it with him, it was the version he narrated. It’s great to see it here, Sebastian, (who turned two on December 19th) points with great excitement at the TV and screams, “MO MAN!” I responded, “MO MANNY MO PROBLEMS!” He just stares at me like I’m crazy.

When asked, “What’s your favorite Christmas movie?” Daniel replied, “My favourite Christmas movie is “Christmas Story” and I hadn’t seen it till only a few years ago… With my two favourite scenes being when the little boy gets his tongue stuck to the pole, (this brings back a rather funny childhood memory where it actually happened to a friend of mine. We just pulled him until he came off. Not sure if things taste the same for him… I should call and find out.) and my second favourite scene is the one where the little brother is all “jacketed up.” As a father I now know this well.” asked, “Do you have a favourite quote from the movie?” Daniel tells us, “My favourite quote? I use it all the time, but sadly it goes over most people’s heads. “Fragile… it must be Italian.” A close second is from “Spinal Tap,” (I know it’s not a Christmas movie, but who are we to put a time frame to such a classic?) whenever I am walking through an underground corridor… I yell out, “Hello Cleveland!”

Daniel’s message to his fans over the holidays? “Merry Christmas to all! And may all your dreams come true!”

– Christine Fix

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