Restless Rant
Week of December 20 – 24:

Well, there wasn’t too much to get excited about this past week until the Christmas episodes aired. Let’s check out the highs and lows of this ‘short’ week:

Saved by the back door.
I was disappointed that Diane got out of the Ranch before Victor came in and caught her and Nick together. Some part of me would have enjoyed that. I was amused by Nick’s little speech to Victor about not having his back – he’s such a sulker sometimes!

Y&R mystery theater.
I still think the cops in Genoa City are pretty inept if they can be bested by Jack and Phyllis while out for a snoop, but the real kicker will be if Sharon single-handedly cracks the case (and exposes Victor to boot) by following the scented-trail of Skye’s signature perfume. This gives me the giggles.

Sixty day chip.
The conversation between Deacon and Nikki about their AA progress (and lack of progress dating) was kind of cute. I like the vibe between them, but don’t see it going far as long as she’s still obsessing over what Victor’s doing and not doing.

Give me some sugar.
I loved the catty little exchange between Diane and Nikki at the coffee house this week. I almost felt sorry for Diane being so humiliated, but then didn’t, because she was so nasty to begin with. Are there any women in Genoa City who like Diane? Just asking.

Christmas cupid.
Why do I get the feeling Katherine is trying to play cupid for Kevin and Chloe? It bugs me. I really hope that Chloe’s not going to suddenly ‘discover’ that she had feelings for him all along or something. I’m really mourning the loss of their friendship, and their bickering grates on my nerves. Although I did enjoy Chloe’s little rant about jackasses…

Jana and Daisy.
Daisy may just have met her match in Jana – she’s turning out to be a real loon! This whole storyline with Jana and Daisy scheming to land their man is definitely not one of my faves. On the other hand, I am really feeling Daniel’s pain, and enjoyed his scenes with both Lily and Abby this week.