Restless Rant
Week of December 13 – 17:

There were some laughs, surprising hook-ups and great scenes on The Young and the Restless this week – loved this! There are also a few storylines I’m on the fence about, and unfortunately, a couple of plots that aren’t working for me at all. Check out these observations on the past week’s episodes:

The story from Down Under.
Colin’s been a great addition to Cane’s storyline – there’s tons of chemistry in scenes between father and son. I can’t quite say the same for Colin and Jill. As glad as I was to see Jill ‘get some’, her connection with Colin wasn’t hot like the fire between her and the original Tucker. I’m thinking maybe there just wasn’t enough build up of sexual tension because he only talked about Cane. Hence, the only real payoff from their hasty hook-up was the resulting comedic scenes between Colin, Jill, Lauren, and Michael in the office at Fenmore’s – well worth the price of admission! Getting back to Colin and Cane, I’m not sure where this story is going, but it certainly has great promise. One question this week – Cane told Colin that Lily would understand and forgive him for lying if he explained the truth about his family – if he believes this, why has he gone to such extreme lengths to keep the truth hidden from her in the first place?! Just askin’!

We shouldn’t be together…
Wow. The writers are really pushing Sharon’s love and forgiveness toward Adam – even getting a minister to weigh in! The issue I have with their reunion is that she went ‘whole hog’ in getting back together with him too quickly for it to be believable. I don’t deny the chemistry between them – I can even buy her indulging in some mattress play in New Orleans due to unresolved feelings – but the character of Adam hadn’t ‘made good’ to any degree that justified Sharon dumping everyone else in her life to take his side. The good news is that Sharon’s been interesting to watch in this storyline – even if I don’t quite understand where she’s coming from.

Y&R mystery hour.
So, the police didn’t ask for all the video footage from the Club the night Skye went missing? Nor did they retrace the route from the Club to the train station and find the bag that Jack and Phyllis located without even trying? Erk. Guess Ronan’s the only police officer in town and he’s been a little busy dying and doing other things I don’t really want to talk about…

Hard to handle.
That would be the Heather/Ronan hook-up. We all saw it coming – like helplessly watching a train wreck occur in slow motion and all that. As predicted there was zero chemistry. Ronan may need a liver transplant, but he also needs a new love interest – stat! I think Chloe’s interested deep down, but at least she has the sense to realize she shouldn’t date the man she believes killed Chance.