I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the moderators for their time, patience and hard work in helping to keep The Young and the Restless message boards a happy place to be all year long! Your efforts are so necessary, and so very appreciated!

Thank you to all Soaps.com readers who visit our site and belong to our happy community! Your participation, opinions, emails and input are what shapes this great site and make it an awesome place for Y&R fans to meet and share their passion for the show!

Last, but not least, I cannot forget Christine Fix, our Editor-in-Chief, who works so hard to keep both Soaps.com readers and staff happy, or her assistant, Amy Mistretta, who does such an excellent job of helping Christine keep Soaps.com running smoothly!

So, mods, readers, and Soaps.com staff, here is a big season’s greeting from me, along with wishes for all of you, and your loved ones, to have a safe, healthy, and absolutely fabulous holiday season!!

Candace Young
Y&R Editor