Restless Rant
Week of November 29 – December 3:

There were plenty of twisted storylines happening this week on The Young and the Restless, so there’s a lot to discuss – let’s get right down to it!

Dissecting New Orleans.
Sure, there were some nit-picky things about the New Orleans shoot that irked me such as Sharon going strolling in five-inch stiletto boots, dry characters walking through a downpour, and rain that came and went from one shot to the next, but on the whole I was entranced by the location and mood of it all. The worst thing about it was the seemingly endless scenes of Michael and Nick asking people if they’d seen Sharon or Adam – made me gnash my teeth. The best part was the infusion of local scenery, architecture, and personalities – absolutely incredible! The Sharon/Adam hook-up was written exactly as I expected – it was everything her recent run-of-the-mill reunion and lovemaking with Nick was not. And even though I was aware of being manipulated by the writers, there was no denying Sharon and Adam’s chemistry. Blame it on the voodoo! Ultimately, for me, the baby stealing is still a deal-breaker for this pairing. The end scenes at the carousel were good – Sharon seemed appropriately befuddled, and Phyllis popping up on cue was kind of funny. What did you think of the location shoot? Let us know by voting in’s The Young And The Restless Snap Poll: New Orleans.

On a jet plane…
I loved being surprised by seeing Skye on the Newman jet! Great twist. It seems like Victor has once again trumped everyone, yet I sense Skye has some lingering guilt about selling Adam down the river – this might come back to bite Victor if she has second thoughts. I approve of how this leaves the door open for her return. Thumbs up.

Needy Nikki.
I’m all for Nikki hooking up with a younger man, and I love that they’re keeping Deacon on the canvas. However, I wish that Nikki hadn’t put herself in the position for Victor to walk out on her again, and then allowed herself to fall back into Deacon’s arms by default – it makes her seem needy. That, and it’s hard for her to defend choosing to be with Deacon given the history involved.

Dirty Diane.
It’s a good thing the character of Diane shows just enough vulnerability for viewers to wonder if she’s actually changed, because otherwise she’d just be too creepy and predatory. Jack, who just got bested by Victor for the umpteenth time, doesn’t seem to be any more apt to learn from past mistakes with Diane. And what was that scene near the end of Friday’s episode – will Diane take revenge on Phyllis by sleeping with Nick? Hmm…