readers have already enjoyed seeing the answers to their questions for Eyal in the previous three parts of this series, but now, last, but certainly not least, is the final chapter! Yes, readers and The Young and the Restless fans, it’s here! Part IV of the interesting interview made up completely of questions contributed by readers! Without further ado – here are your questions and Eyal’s answers:

Q What do you feel passionate about? ~ minancee

E Family, playing life to win instead of playing not to lose, experiencing all that the world has to offer, broadening you horizons every chance you get.

Q What routine do you go through before a kissing scene? ~ bags2elite

E Breath spray.

Q Will there be a new love interest soon? ~ Sarab

E Your guess is as good as mine. But hey, it’s daytime so no love lasts forever.

Q I also want to know if he and Colleen will break up, and if so, who his next love
interest will be? ~ YRGurl

E I’d love to know the answer to that. I’m torn on the subject because I love the Colleen story, even if it has run its course. I really enjoy working with Tammin. As for a new love interest, Heather or Victoria would be my pick.

Q Does he keep in touch w/Adrianne Leon? ~ Southern Lady

E I haven’t heard from Ms. Leon since she left the show. We exchanged phone messages a few times but I haven’t actually spoken to her. We both lead very different lives and from what I hear she’s moved on from Y&R and is very happy. So that makes me feel good.

Q If his character could hook up with any female character on the show, who
would it be and why? ~ NotSoYbutStillR

E If the character would hook up in a romantic way, the only viable options to me seem to be Heather or Victoria. Both have an intellect that would attract Korbel. Not to mention they are gorgeous.

Q If he was not working on Y&R, what would he be doing now professionally? ~ YRGurl

E A few years ago I took the GMATS and was going to apply to business school. I would love to stay in the entertainment business since I think the media is the most powerful tool in the 21st century to reach people and share knowledge, ideas, and stories. It’s important to me that truth (in art, life, news) rise above all else. I’d also maybe like to try my hand at journalism. I have a lot of admiration for reporters like Anderson Cooper.

Q What made you want to try out for a daytime drama? ~ Joanie

E As an actor, you are usually attracted to the role. So when the Professor came out, it wasn’t what I had usually associated with Soaps – the dreamy muscular hunk. I thought it would be an interesting character to play in the world of daytime.

Q When you accept a role, do you take into consideration that you are representing your heritage and ever worry that it might have a negative reaction? ~ Jen

E That’s an interesting question. The only time it comes into play is if I am actually playing a character that is defined by his own heritage – like if I was playing religious fundamentalist of some sort. As far as my own heritage goes, it seems pretty far fetched that it would drum up a negative reaction. Do you watch Denzel Washington movies and like or dislike African-Americans based on his performance?

Q Which character have you played that is least like you? ~ EOD

E On “Without a Trace” I played a cocaine using S.O.B. that tried to convince a bride not to go through with her wedding. A) When I was a kid I had a friend that had serious problems with drugs and it ruined his life so I am always wary of those characters B) I wouldn’t have the chutzpah to tell a bride on her wedding night to sleep with me and not get married.

Q I want to know how your life is and how it feels to be an actor on Y&R? ~ Chantal

E Life as an actor is pretty stressful. You never know from one day to the next what the future holds employment wise. You have bills to pay and you just trust that you are good enough to continually get work to meet your expenses. I have to say I’m happy with where I am and what I’ve accomplished. And even happier that my personal life has evolved despite the challenges of my profession.

Thank you to our friend over at Eyal’s MySpace Blog for getting these awesome responses for us! If you missed Part I, Part II, or Part III, of’s chats with Eyal, just click on the appropriate link! Oh, and let’s not forget to contact Y&R to let them know you want to see lots more of Eyal and his character, Adrian Korbel!