As the writer’s strike wears on into the holiday season, readers have been wondering what the outcome will be – and when a resolution might come about! Some The Young and the Restless fans are ambivalent, some are worried about the fate of daytime television in general, and some are downright angry!

If you’ve ever watched CBS’s “Late Show with David Letterman”, you’ll know that Dave is a pretty outspoken guy, but what about his sidekick, Musical Director, Paul Shaffer?! Usually the more understated of the pair, Paul recently showed another side while joining the picket line alongside members of the Writer’s Guild in New York City. It seems Paul wanted to give the picketers a morale boost, but he also had a personal bone to pick – he’s worried about his beloved The Young and the Restless!

In a short speech designed to boost picketers spirits, Paul expressed how glad he was to be there supporting the writers, telling them that “They are show business.” He also addressed the AMPTP, telling them with heavy sarcasm that he can accept what they are doing to the creative community, he can accept their contemptible means of dealing with the negotiation process, and he can even accept their bullying! However, Paul told them using VERY strong language, when it comes to his daytime dramas, especially his Young and the Restless, when they (mess) with those, they’re (messing) with him!! He assured them that that is a losing battle! He finished by thanking everyone and asking God to bless the Writers Guild of America.
Hair-raising words indeed, but certainly agrees with him on one point – don’t mess with our daytime dramas! Bravo Paul, and thank you, for standing up and supporting The Young and the Restless and all soaps! Here’s hoping our holiday wishes will come true, and the strike will end amicably and quickly! For the latest update on the writer’s strike, be sure to visit Main Page News!