How many readers remember Nikki’s older sister, Dr. Casey Reed? When Nikki and Casey debuted on “Y&R” they lived with their mother and both were said to be promiscuous. Casey was very protective of Nikki, but she rarely took her older sister’s advice, as she considered it hypocritical. During the years that Casey was on the show, it came out that their father, Nick Reed, had sexually assaulted Casey as a young girl, thereby giving an explanation for Casey’s promiscuity and for her infamous distrust of men.

While the misguided Nikki, a talented pianist, fell into working as a stripper, sister Casey, a brilliant and caring young woman, worked diligently to become a doctor. Her closest associate was Dr. Snapper Foster (David Hasselhoff), who was married to Chris. Snapper had deep admiration for Casey, and when he and his wife split up for a time, he fell for her. Unfortunately for Casey, by the time she was ready to take the plunge and confess that she returned his feelings, Chris took him back. An unselfish Casey put her own desire aside and encouraged Snapper to give his marriage another chance.

Dr. Casey Reed was by her sister Nikki’s side when she finally married Victor and was saved from a life on the wrong side of the tracks. Casey also returned at different times in Nikki’s life to offer support – such as the time when Victor had left her for Ashley and Nikki then found out she could be dying.

The role of Dr. Casey Reed was played by actress Roberta Leighton. She appeared on “Y&R” from 1978-1981, returning in 1984, 1987, and again from 1998-1999. Leighton worked on several movies during the late seventies and eighties as well, most notably ‘Stripes’ with Bill Murray. She also played Ginger Dawson on “Days of our Lives” for a period of time in the nineties.