Restless Rant
Week of October 25 – 29:

Where to begin? A lot happened on The Young and the Restless this week, there’s no denying that. Which means there’s plenty to comment on, so let’s get to it.

There are more questions than answers in this plot right now. Why does Victoria need Tucker? Why is Victoria suddenly bent on getting Beauty of Nature? Why is spitfire Abby going along with a plan that doesn’t suit her? What happened to warm, fuzzy Victor wanting to make peace for Nikki’s sake? In fact, he doesn’t appear the least bit concerned about Nikki right now as evidenced by his unilateral decision to keep their daughter away from her at the time she needs support the most! This storyline is bringing out my least favorite side of Victor – arrogant, above-the-law, etc. Basically, I’m having trouble caring about this lawsuit story – watching Victor and Victoria take shots at each other’s ego isn’t too compelling, and watching Victor order Michael around, and turn on the smiles and giggles with Heather, who he formerly loathed, is even worse. The supportive Victor who was by Nikki’s side last week was much preferable, and if he would start to get a clue about Meggie, I’d absolutely love it.

They tried to make me go to rehab.
Well, Solidarity House is certainly going to be an interesting place now that Deacon has checked in. How funny was Thick Nick eyeballing Deacon and trying to get a fix on his ‘angle’. Good luck. I was pleased to see that Deacon had some reservations about phase two of Meggie’s plan – this means there is still hope that he’ll turn on her at some point. One question, why isn’t anyone questioning where Deacon is getting the cash to check into a posh rehab facility? In any case, I’m looking forward to what comes next in this story.

There goes that dream.
Now that they’ve made J.T. and Mac the most depressing couple on the show, it won’t be as hard to see them go. Next week is their last on air. Tune in!

Missing in action.
There was no Aussie action this week at all. Puzzling, since I was expecting to find out what Cane was up to…

I loved the intensity of the scrap between Diane and Phyllis, and I’m thrilled with the mix of mean and vulnerable in this incarnation of Diane. I’m a little concerned about the degree to which Phyllis is losing her mind over all this, since I prefer Phyllis ‘together’ and edgy, as opposed to psycho, but for the sake of the story I’m willing to go with the flow. The Diane/Phyllis rivalry is shaping up to be dramatically delicious!

Noah Newman, rock star.
The only thing that made me happy about the Noah ‘singing star’ scenes this week is that I could fast-forward them without missing important dialogue. Don’t get me wrong, NuNoah’s a total cutie, but the story needs to be heading somewhere much more interesting in a hurry. What’s even worse is that thanks to the preview, viewers now have to worry about Noah spending the night with jittery Jana – how will we respect him in the morning?