Restless Rant
Week of October 18 – 22:

Things started out interesting as the fallout from the tornado continued on Monday and Tuesday, and of course, Victor finding Nikki in bed with Deacon was a fine way to end Friday’s show – no complaint there – but not everything happening in Genoa City engaged me this week. Let’s see how it all shakes out:

I enjoyed the tension surrounding Cane’s rescue of J.T., and the emotional tug of the bedside scenes in the hospital afterward, although I felt he should have looked a little worse considering what happened to him. Anyway, it was very ‘soapy’ of J.T. to wake up when Mac said she would marry him, and it was good to see him and Victoria reconnect. I will definitely miss Jeffrey Todd when he’s left Genoa City.

Barn burner.
After the scenes in the barn and at the Club this week, it’s obvious there is a burgeoning Adam/Sharon/Nick triangle. I’m not sure what to make of that, but one thing is clear – Nick will be just as big a doofus in this triangle as he was in the last one. Sharon is still in a position where it would be nuts for her to go back to Adam after what he did, even if she has lingering feelings. That said, one thing I find very interesting is that the writers always make a point of having Adam build Sharon up by insisting she can take care of herself, while Nick keeps playing Neanderthal caveman where she’s concerned. If Sharon is conflicted, Nick treating her like an idiot may tip the scales in Adam’s favor eventually.

Cheater, cheater.
I loved Abby calling it like she saw it with Tucker and Diane – too bad Ashley had her blinders on. It was hilarious when Abby hissed at Ashley, “They had bedhead!” Simple, but true! As for Tucker, he gave an Oscar-worthy performance when proclaiming his innocence – so good it made you wonder if you actually saw him in bed with Diane. Anyway, I don’t like the dark turn they’ve taken with Tucker on this – I can’t understand why he did it, and feel disconnected from the character. Let us know how you feel about this development by voting in’s The Young And The Restless Snap Poll: Cheating Heart.

The Meggie show.
This chick sure gets around! From threatening at her father-in-law Murphy’s bedside (wonder if she killed his son?), to running circles around Victor and Nikki at the Ranch, and keeping Deacon on a short leash, this is one busy villainess! This week I was feeling a bit resentful of her constant presence when viewers didn’t even catch a glimpse of characters like Chloe and Kevin, but then realized it’s due to the story building to a peak. As for Nikki’s downward spiral, I’ve been buying it (and enjoying it), until Jill’s scenes this week. Hello?! Why was Jill able to smell the alcohol in Nikki’s teacup, when Nikki was unable to? You can’t have it both ways! In any case, Victor pulling a disgraced Nikki out of Deacon’s bed was classic soap – loved it. Was that regret we saw on Deacon’s face? I’m still hoping for him to have an attack of conscience…