Restless Rant
Week of October 11 – 15:

I’m really into the Nikki/Deacon story, Cane’s intrigue, and I loved the excitement and drama surrounding the tornado – a catastrophic event is always a great way to end a week in Genoa City! So, let’s get right down to what worked and what didn’t on The Young and the Restless this week:

Maura West has been a great fit as Diane Jenkins from the word ‘go’. Diane is rocking chemistry with most of the characters she has run into, and it will definitely be entertaining to see what she gets up to. I’ll be watching to see how much of a focal point this character becomes – she seemed to get a lot of airtime this week – made me slightly leery of this becoming ‘The Diane Show’. By the way, what’s up with Tucker? He’s supposed to be so in love with Ashley that he burst through a glass door to keep her, yet he beds Diane after one argument with Ash about his mother? What?! Are you enjoying NuDiane? Tell us by voting in’s The Young And The Restless Snap Poll: NuDiane.

John there and gone.
I wanted to mention John Abbott’s brief ghostly appearances this week. It’s always nice to see him pop up with a word or two to his loved ones.

I tend to be up and down when it comes to Victoria, and while I was initially intrigued by her joining Abby’s lawsuit, I’m now losing interest in her drama with Victor. As for her and Billy, it was nice that she was there for him in the hospital, and I tried to like the ‘Father Knows Best’ scene back at their house, but couldn’t quite do it.

Under his nose.
Speaking of Victor, why is the all-knowing, all-powerful magnate unable to see what’s happening right under his own nose in his own home? One would think he’d be a bit more wary of who he invites into his home after Adam wreaked havoc. Heck, Jack knew Meggie was trouble just by running into her at the hospital!

Super sleuths?
While it was a tad icky to see Phyllis and Jack pretend to split up and seduce Skye and Adam to infiltrate their laptop, at least it’s an interesting side of Jack. The scenes between Adam and Phyllis were the best. I love the way they play verbal cat and mouse!

Gnarly Nikki.
Disheveled, off-the-wagon Nikki Newman has been a treat to watch – so fun! I especially enjoy her scenes with Deacon. I am very interested to see where this storyline goes, not so much to see what happens with Nikki and Victor – been there – but to see if Deacon will change his mind and turn on Meggie. I think he could be a very interesting guy to keep around if he is written as more than just a convenient villain.