Restless Rant
Week of October 4 – 8:

There were some interesting twists to ponder on this week’s The Young and the Restless. On the whole, it was a decent week – I looked forward to watching most days, although none of the storylines have me super-excited. Here’s how it breaks down:

Awkward truly describes this new situation that’s developed with Chloe, Kevin, Jana, and Noah. It’s not working for me, and I think it’s because of what they’ve done to Jana. Kevin has changed, but not really; we can see it’s the Kevin we know having a mini-crisis and trying to be a bad boy. It’s human and engaging. That isn’t the case with Jana, who seems to have had a personality transplant to accommodate this plot. I just can’t buy Jana as shifty, hesitant, and desperate – she was always very ‘real’, and would ‘tell it like it is’ to anyone. Yes, she had grown out of wearing goth and punk outfits, but who is this prissy schoolmarm we’re seeing now? Trying to match her up with Noah is awkward too. That said, nuNoah is great. I love that he has edge and attitude – considering how he grew up, it works.

Harvest festival.
The festival was good viewing. I really enjoyed the scene with Sharon, Nick, Adam, Skye, Phyllis, and Jack all standing in a clearing looking at one another – delish! The mini-scenes with Jack/Nick, Phyllis/Sharon, and Adam/Skye were exactly the sort of thing I like about gatherings in Genoa City. As for the current pairings…

Adam and Skye.
Adam bedding Skye irked me. I was just coming to respect her as a force to be reckoned with, and then she allowed Adam, who had just threatened her, to throw her on the bed and ravish her. Now I think she’s a bit of a dolt.

Phyllis and Jack.
I’m not a fan. Luckily, the only thing that could make me okay with this re-pairing happened – Diane came back to town. Can’t wait for the cat fights!

Sharon and Nick.
Sharon is going back into the ‘mold’ with Nick, I find her more interesting on her own, or sparring with Adam or Phyllis. Plus, I’m just so over Nick being able to slide back into relationships with these women at will. See what Sharon’s portrayer had to say about her character in’s Interview with Sharon Case.

Harvest festival part II.
The Meggie/Murphy storyline came as a surprise, which was great, but I’m tentative about what will be revealed regarding Murphy. He has always been written as a gentle old soul who lost his beloved wife and lived a quiet life – I feel wary about the writers messing with that to further a plot. As for Meggie, she’s come into her own as a true soap villainess! Let us know what you think of this development by voting in’s The Young And The Restless Snap Poll: Murphy Madness!