recently chatted with The Young and the Restless‘s Sharon Case, who in addition to playing the popular Sharon Newman on the show, has also started a jewelry line, Pomp, which she tells us has been a lot of fun. Read on to hear all about that, her thoughts on Sharon’s current storyline, and what’s coming up! What made you decide to do a jewelry line?

Sharon: I know a manufacturer who does jewelry for QVC, he’s a fan of the show, and we talked about a jewelry line and he wanted to know if I was interested. One day I was talking to my best friend Elif [Inanc, stylist at Y&R] about it. We decided that it would be fun to do it as partners and friends, and then it became a really fun and interesting project for me. Do you actually design the jewelry, or choose what you like or would wear yourself?

Sharon: We do it together; I submit the things I like and she does the things she likes – she’s a stylist so has really great opinions. She’s taught me a lot about style over the years; my taste in clothes and jewelry has been shaped by her over the years because she styles me on the show. So, Pomp’s first line went over well?

Sharon: It did really well, and it’s still available online at QVC. It’s not just available during the hour we’re on sale [on television]; you don’t miss your opportunity to buy, you can always buy from the website. Has jewelry from the Pomp line been used on the show?

Sharon: Yes, some of the pieces from the line have been seen on The Young and the Restless. So if a viewer sees a piece of jewelry they admire on the show, they could look for it at QVC?

Sharon: Yes, they could do that. They should [look] anyway because the whole line is super-cute. In our first line we wanted to do a wide variety; so we did a lot of different pieces, we did them in different colors, and in a wide variety of styles – we wanted a bit of everything. Our next line may be slightly more streamlined. When will your new line of Pomp jewelry come out?

Sharon: It will be sometime in the spring.

Sharon Dishes on Sharon… Switching gears, what’s up with Sharon’s lingering feelings for Adam, even though she vehemently denies it to him?

Sharon: She does deny it to him because she’s angry, and she’s obviously upset about everything he’s done. But she can’t help how she really feels, I mean, they were married and those feelings don’t just turn off like a light switch. You maybe shouldn’t love someone, but you can’t help it if you do. Sharon gave in to a kiss with Adam after he came back to Genoa City. Is it a physical attraction, or is she still emotionally tied to him?

Sharon: Oh, I think she’s still emotionally tied; Adam had a big impact in her life when they got married. After years of being away from Nick, and Nick continually going back to Phyllis [Michelle Stafford], Sharon finally met someone else she felt was right for her, who really fit in her life.