Restless Rant
Week of September 27 – October 1:

The Young and the Restless continues to be solid. After checking out a competing soap this week, well, let’s just say you really do have to give thanks. I found there to be a nice mix of romance, one-liners, intrigue, and family drama in Genoa City this week. Here are my thoughts:

Monday night raw!
Billy and Vikki have been much more real and relatable in the aftermath of the miscarriage than in any of the goofy trumped-up scenarios the writers put them in before their wedding. Billy’s rant at Victor’s door on Monday’s show was wonderfully raw and left one infuriated with Victor, which I trust was the desired result. More!

Go Adam?
Hard-to-watch Heather doesn’t fit the role of D.A. any better than she does that of Paul’s daughter or Chance’s grieving lover. With her prosecuting Adam, I’ll be rooting for him to win – it’s that bad.

Victor victorious?
Is he stubborn or what! On the other hand, so are his daughters – wonder how that happened? I got a kick out of stodgy Nick siding with daddy – what a wet blanket.

Kicky Nikki.
I’m still getting a kick out of the tipsy and irritable Nikki, and the storyline with Deacon is getting my attention in a good way. It will be interesting to see where they’re going with this. I’m kind of hoping Deacon exposes Meggie and thereby redeems himself to an extent.

Pizza craving alert!
J.T. and Mac were so cute when they found out they were pregnant. I’ll be sorry to see them go when Clementine Ford and Thad Luckinbill exit their roles.