Trish Stewart (Chris, CBS) writers are also fans of the shows. Since we miss those ex-cast members on our soaps, we figure the fans must miss them, too! To find out the scoop on what your favorite ex-Y&R actor has been up to, read on!

Janice e-mailed us recently, asking us what ever happened to the Brooks family and where the actors are that portrayed these characters. Well Janice, we did a little research for you and hope you’ll find the answers to your questions below!

Robert Colbert, the dashing newspaper magnate who originated and played the role of Stuart Brooks from 1973 to 1983. After leaving his mark on the show, he guest starred in numerous primetime episodes such as “Knight Rider”, “Simon & Simon”, “In The Heat of the Night”, “Frasier” and was last seen on “Baywatch” in 1995. Even prior to joining Y&R, he had a long and illustrious career on primetime TV! He is happily retired and lives in Long Beach, California.