Restless Rant
Week of September 20 – 24:

Here are my thoughts on this week’s The Young and the Restless, which was pretty good for the most part, with just a few complaints. The goodbye scenes between Nina and her sons particularly rocked early in the week!

Remember the Moon.
The twist with Chance not being dead, but going into witness protection, was very well done. Even though some viewers were miffed about being kept in the dark as to the status of John Driscoll (Chance), I give kudos to Y&R for staying ‘mum’ and keeping everyone guessing – it’s difficult to maintain an element of surprise in soaps nowadays when everything seems to be spoiled or leaked. The turnaround time of a day or so was fantastic. That said, as much as I’ve enjoyed the drama, and the raw, realistic reactions of characters Nina and Chloe surrounding Chance’s storyline, I’m glad the character is headed for parts unknown – Chance’s role was never written in such a way that I found him compelling. His brother, Ronan, on the other hand, is an interesting character, and I hope to see more of him. As long as they don’t pair him with Heather, it’s all good. That character continues to frustrate me, as I can’t totally believe the emotion she’s showing or feel a connection between her and the other characters.

That Girl’s Got…
Nerve! The character of Skye is catching my attention as she continues to push Adam’s buttons. I’m undecided as to whether she’s actually brave or just stupid, but there’s no denying there’s a certain fascination in watching her continually up the ante by sleeping with her husband’s enemy, generally thumbing her nose at him and his warnings, and, heck, threatening him in return! The more Adam is rebuffed and left in the shadows, the more quietly dangerous I sense he is becoming. As long as the writers can keep it real, I’m in.

Jack on Track.
It’s always a kick seeing Jack walk the walk, and talk the talk, but we always get that reminder that he’s not quite as formidable as Victor, or now, Tucker. In any case, it’s always fun seeing him connive, wheel and deal, and bed beautiful women. As for his hook-up with Skye, I’m not sure who is using whom, but that will all come out in the wash. For now, it’s enough that he’s antagonizing Adam. His come-on to Phyllis was a bit too cocky; I was glad she turned him down. I don’t necessarily see him as irresistible or relentlessly sexy, and I thought Doctor Pee was much more his speed as a partner.

Slick Nikki.
Well, it’s official; Nikki is sneaking sips from the snifter and is OFF the wagon! Although I found it selfish of Nikki to call on Paul after dumping him, otherwise, I’ve been pretty into the storyline. Nikki witnessing the Meggie/Victor hug was so soapy! Meanwhile, I’m trying to figure out what Nikki likes so much about drinking – she’s certainly not enjoying herself! Have you ever known a more irritable drunk? The best new development is that Nikki has run into Deacon at the AA meeting. I’m always on board when characters who are highly unlikely to connect, wind up doing just that. There’s something so delicious about the idea of uppity Nikki needing something from dastardly Deacon. Will he help her? I’ve always maintained he’s a bad boy with a heart – time will tell.