Congratulations from, to the four winners of the I Survived Clear Springs Explosion” contest who each won a commemorative t-shirt!

I originally wanted to go with four winners of the contest. We received five tees, so one of the t-shirts was set aside for one of our biggest Y&R fans, radio personality and my friend, Shaun Proulx, from 103.9, PROUDFM! Some of you may remember me mentioning that I met Shaun through, this summer, during the Emmys. He was looking to interview me regarding the Emmy nominations, and since then we’ve gotten into a Friday routine of gossiping about Y&R on his hilarious show.

Before anyone emails me about this, I will tell you that Shaun was required to answer all five questions correctly, just as the fans were. And he did!

And the winners (who were contacted via email) are:

Samantha Stanley who some of you may know as “yandrbaby”.

Keeba Roach, otherwise known on as “mzzroach”.

Nicole Frank, who is also known as “nclpooh”.

And of course, Shaun Proulx!

Although we initially had another winner, she didn’t claim her prize. Therefore it was forfeited to the cruise winner, who we’ll announce soon!

Congrats to you all!

Well done to everyone who entered the contest. Once we randomly selected the four winners, we browsed the answers to the questions and I have to say, you guys rock! A very small percentage of fans got one or two questions wrong.

The questions with answers: *Bloopers included!*

1) What does Lauren call Paul, as the cement crumbles around them?

Lauren calls Paul her “Knight in Shining Armor”

If you click the link, you can find the answer within this update!

Nope, sorry… not “her hero”, or her “savior” or her “ex-husband” or her “Shining Knight” but that one is close!

2) What is the substance called that those who are trapped in the wreckage keep referring to?

The answer though tricky, was used in every other sentence out of the GC resident’s mouths during the storyline! It was Methane, or Methane Gas and you can find that in about 8 updates on the site!
Some funnies that I read were “dust”, “rubble”, and “carbon monoxide”.

3) Who was the first person to be tipped off at the construction site that there were issues, and what tips this character off?

Tricky question, hmm? Although we know that Cane finds supplies are missing from the site, once J.T. is hired, he is the one to find out there was kickbacks between the foreman (Joe) and the concrete company. Low grade concrete was sold at high prices…. So, the answer could have been all the above, but I’m nice and I accepted anything that was similar to, “J.T. and the cracks in the concrete.”

4) What’s the character’s first name who J.T. has been working with at the construction zone?
Tricky again. The answer I was looking for was “Joe”. Or you could have said Joe and Cane. No, not Mike… not Jerry. Who are Mike and Jerry?!

5) Out of the survivors thus far, is one of them claustrophobic? If so, which one?

Simple- “Yes” and “Lauren” or “Lauren Fenmore” would have been correct.
Everyone got this one right!

I wish I had a tee for everyone who even entered the contest, but alas, I do not! Enjoy your tees. Hope it was as fun for you to enter as it was for us to create! Stay tuned for yet another contest coming up soon on!

Christine Fix