Restless Rant
Week of September 6 – 10:

I thought this ‘short’ week of The Young and the Restless was great for a variety of reasons! As I combed back over the (three!) recaps, there was only a couple of things that irked me. I’ll start with them, and then move on to all the things that worked!

The Dull and Miscast?
You could have left Heather out of the entire Chance storyline this week and it wouldn’t have mattered. The character added nothing to the story except a number of irritating scenes with Ronan, Pomerantz, Chloe, etc. Many viewers believe Eden Riegel is miscast as Heather, and that may be the issue. In any case, I didn’t pick up an iota of real chemistry between Heather and Chance, nor did I feel any emotional pull when Chance pledged to come back to her – his parting scene with Chloe was far more powerful, as was Chloe’s reaction to him being shot. I also continued to grapple with the concept of pasty geek Owen Pomerantz being the sinister kingpin – at least this is good for a laugh!

Memory Lane.
I always love a good flashback, but the scenes with Victor shedding a tear over memories of Victoria didn’t have the desired effect on me. Maybe if he wasn’t having that same pregnant daughter arrested during her wedding at that very moment I might have been able to have a sniffle with him, but he’s meddled in his children’s lives often enough to know it always ends badly, and besides, it’s just plain mean. On a brighter note, I got a kick out of the preview of Nikki saying the ‘f’ word to Victor next week; “It didn’t work, they got married anyway. You failed!” Ouch.

You’ve gotta love the chemistry of the Abbott family. Watching Jack and Ashley spar is always terrific entertainment, throw Abby or Billy into the mix and you’ve got eye-rolling, sarcastic nirvana. The writers have done a good job of toning Abby down just enough, and I feel like she fits now.

Vance Trance.
I’m irresistibly drawn in when velvet-voiced, no-nonsense attorney Vance Abrams is on the screen for any length of time. I keep hoping they’ll beef up his airtime and get him a love interest.

Smile and Waive!
I loved it when Nikki called Judge Anderson and got the waiting period waived for Victoria to marry Billy – right as Victor was plotting to stop the nuptials! Too funny. In fact, Nikki was deliciously fierce toward Victor all week! Give her a smoothie and watch her go!

Billy versus Victor Part…
It’s funny the way jocular Billy gets Victor’s goat, like with this week’s line, “Well, two out of three ain’t bad, right Grandpa?” Cue Victor’s glower.