readers emailed us asking if we’d post Jack’s letter to Sharon. Considering all that Jack has done in the past, were you touched by this letter? Do you think if he makes it out alive that he’ll change in any capacity?

“Dear Sharon,

Right now my only strength comes from imagining you in my arms. My love for you is literally keeping me alive. In this last hour I’ve had so many thoughts about my life, the good and the bad. I know I’ve disappointed many people, but I want you to know, you, Noah, Kyle and my sisters, you must always remember one thing. I could not have loved you more, I am so very proud, so lucky to have been your husband. I love you…”

Do you think Jack will get out alive, and if so, will he become the man his father knew he always could be? Or… will it be short-lived? Or… will he make it out at all?

You be the judge, please leave comments on what you think may happen.

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Edited by Christine Fix