THIS CONTEST IS NOW OVER. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS of the contest! Enjoy your tees!

We’ve been watching the Clear Springs Explosion storyline with baited breath, wondering who will be harmed, who will make it out unscathed. We know a few have made it out with bumps, bruises and other ailments so far, but we’ve had no sneak peeks to find out what’s going to happen with the rest of those who were trapped during the explosion.

All we can do is watch and wait and hope for the best… Wait. That’s not entirely true! We can also do something else to pass the time, while we wait for the show to start each day! invites you to play a mini trivia game for a chance to win a commemorative “I survived Clear Springs” t-shirt!

Are you… Game?!

We’ve chosen five questions from the storyline up until this point that any loyal fan should be able to answer.

To play: Answer the five questions below correctly and send them to us in an email through this link.

In your email, please include your name, screen name and proper email address to contact you with.

The contest runs from Wednesday October 24th to Wednesday October 30th at 12 AM EST 2007! will randomly choose four or five visitors with correct answers to receive their commemorative tees! We’ll contact you via email, (so please ensure you give us the correct email address) to congratulate you and find out where to send your lovely tee!

Tip: Use’s Y&R pages to find your answers!

1) What does Lauren call Paul, as the cement crumbles around them?

2) What is the substance called that those who are trapped in the wreckage keep referring to?

3) Who was the first person to be tipped off at the construction site that there were issues, and what tips this character off?

4) What’s the character’s first name who J.T. has been working with at the construction zone?

5) Out of the survivors thus far, is one of them claustrophobic? If so, which one?

Good luck!

Christine Fix