Restless Rant
Week of August 23 – 27:

Happy Friday! I’m feeling pretty ‘ranty’ about The Young and the Restless this week. It’s amazing to me that the same writers who turned out as fabulous an episode as Monday’s, are also responsible for the so-so storytelling that we saw the rest of the week – terminally boring at times! Sure, there were some exceptions; the christening gathering had some good stuff going on, the return of Phillip was intriguing, Victor one-upping Adam with Skye’s help was sweet, but when the big cliff-hanger on Friday is Nikki’s drink being spiked (and we don’t even know why), is anyone really dying to tune in next week? Some thoughts on the week:

Marvelous Monday.
Monday’s episode this week was fantastic. After watching it, I had the irrepressible urge to tell others about it, and couldn’t wait until everyone else had seen it too. The reason? There was so much happening; the tension-filled scenes in Gloworm with Jack/Phyllis/Daniel/Abby/Skye/Adam, the heart-pounding scenes between Tucker and Ashley culminating in rip-your-clothes-off floor sex, Victor punching Adam in the GCAC, the hilarious scenario of Billy’s unfinished tattoo, Phyllis learning that Nick had moved Sharon into the tack house and seeking out dirty dumpster sex with Deacon, and, last but not least, Nick finding Adam at the tack house with Sharon. The episode included all the elements you want to see in a soap opera. If only the writing could be like this every day and for all characters.

Fenmore Fail.
The Jill and Lauren story has never really risen much above a snark-fest, but this week it hit new lows, with the action, if you can call it that, centering around Jill having her photo taken and hanging it in Fenmore’s, and Lauren ‘crashing’ the christening and one-upping Jill by giving away free clothes to the twins. Really? Personally, I enjoyed the cute hats Lauren gave Lily in honor of Dru more than any of the actual Jill/Lauren storyline. Lauren’s scenes with Traci, and later, being playful and sexy with Michael in his office, drew me in more than her interactions with her half-sister.

I’m Just a Clod.
Nick Newman may have lost his crown as biggest doofus on Y&R. The challenger? Chance Chancellor, who thinks he’s right about everything, and who is so utterly insensitive as to hug and comfort Heather, the woman he cheated with, right in front of Chloe. Ronan’s right – he’s a jerk. Oh, and the Chance/Heather pairing – still blech. Chloe and Ronan – hot.

Skye’s the Limit!
Turning on Adam made Skye a whole lot more interesting this week! I liked this twist, which makes life way more precarious for Adam.