Restless Rant
Week of August 16 – 20:

There was definitely some entertaining material this week on The Young and the Restless, however I’m feeling fatigued with other storylines. Here are my rants and raves:

Hope-less Adam?
As I touched on last week, I’m disappointed that they brought Hope back and revealed absolutely nothing new about Adam’s past that helps to explain how twisted he’s become. There has to be more to the story than Adam not having his bio dad in the picture and being shunned by his step-siblings. Maybe Hope will return again. As for the lawsuit brought by Adam, it basically made me feel tired of his crap – not overly entertaining. That said, I hope the lawsuit drags on forever so Vance Abrams never leaves.

Nick At Night.
Nick sharing a make-out session with Christine was too funny – talk about out of the blue! I’m not sure how Phyllis could have mistaken her for Sharon, but that’s neither here nor there. As for him playing happy families with Sharon again, I’m confused – didn’t he say he was washing his hands of both her and Phyllis? Didn’t Sharon assert her independence numerous times in the past several weeks? Just asking.

Fenmore vs Fenmore.
This storyline needs something more than bickering to dial it up from good to great. Having Joanna Manning show up and be a big ol’ witch on wheels was sweet television viewing though! Amazing how I could feel so bad for Lauren, while at the same time thinking that Joanna might have a point about Lauren being spoiled. As for Jill, well, she’s obviously set to learn another life lesson out of this…blah.

I have far more invested in seeing Paul reveal the truth about Ronan to Nina, than in seeing whether he winds up with her or Christine. I also happen to take issue with him running around kissing someone other than the person he’s dating – because it’s so not the Paul we know. As for Chance and Heather, I still don’t care one iota what they do. Best part of this storyline this week – Chloe figuring out Ronan’s true identity – delish!