Restless Rant
Week of August 9 – 13:

After the very entertaining grand opening of Gloworm last week on The Young and the Restless, this week felt like a letdown in some ways. As always, there was wonderful acting and some noteworthy drama, but I was definitely bored at times this week. Here are my notes:

Thick Nick.
The writing’s been bang on for this guy – Phyllis and Sharon are both utterly disillusioned with him (as they should be!), and this fact seems to bewilder him! He’s driven Phyllis out of town, continues to try to boss Sharon around for old time’s sake, and just can’t seem to get a handle on how it’s all gone wrong. You almost have to giggle when he approaches Sharon full of self-importance and she verbally swats him away like some sort of annoying gnat. Here’s hoping Sharon turns down Nick’s offer to move in next week – he needs to spend some quality time alone before he’ll be relationship-ready again. Are real men this clueless? Be sure to post about this in the comment section!

Hardly Explosive.
So much of this week was devoted to Chance’s storyline and it was just dead boring. Even the reveal that Pomerantz is behind it all didn’t faze me – I just can’t find it in me to care. Ronan’s identity is the one interesting component to this story, but it’s annoying listening to Nina suddenly talk non-stop about her long lost son now that he’s in town – just silly since she never mentioned him before. Ronan actually seems like a compelling character, so I’m hoping this ‘case’ wraps up, the reveal happens, Chance and Heather leave town together, and then Ronan can move forward into another story.

When Nina was talking to Paul about her long lost son, and said she’s always worried that he’d been abused or something like that, Paul reassured her by saying he wasn’t around for Heather’s upbringing and she was fine. Hello! Did Paul forget that Heather was abused by her stepfather?

Crusty Crab.
That would be Neil Winters, who, even on the joyful day his grandchildren came home from the hospital, had to lurk around in the shadows of the living room pulling sour faces. Lighten up, man! Thankfully, Neil told Sofia what she did for Cane was a wonderful thing, so maybe he’s not a lost cause after all. That said, I believe that Neil’s distrust of Sofia, along with Sofia and Malcolm being at odds over living space (bet Neil likes condos!), is laying the groundwork for a love triangle. Anyone else?

I found Adam’s hearing to be less compelling than I expected. There were some good scenes surrounding the hearing, such as Traci coming home (which I loved), Ashley talking with Tucker in his office after she testified, and Sharon thanking Adam for keeping his word (they really have me wondering where her head is where Adam’s concerned). One of the best aspects of the courtroom scenes was Eric Roberts’ performance as Vance Abrams – what a sexy man! I could listen to him say words like ‘scintilla’ all day long!