New Blog!

The Young and the Restless actor, Sean Kanan (Deacon Sharpe), is set to debut his latest project on August 11 – a blog offering advice to men about how to better connect with women for more meaningful, intimate relationships. 21st Century Gentleman will explore the concept of ‘What women want’, and in addition to Sean’s take on things, experts will also weigh in on topics such as fashion, cooking, decorating, fitness etc.

Sean stresses that the blog is not about seduction, explaining, “Role models for young men have become goofy sitcom dads and slackers in light beer commercials, guys dedicated to the pursuit of beer, the protection of their beer stashes, a constant state of mindlessness and dodging responsibility. Guys need a mentor. Women have Oprah, but who is there to offer thoughtful social advice to men? Even on the home front, can young men really expect to learn from friends and family? How many of them have a place to go to learn about social skills, communication and entertaining?” wishes Sean great success with his new venture! Readers, head on over to check it out and let us know what you think! If you missed the actor’s previous statement about his Genoa City role view Sean Kanan Speaks Out!.