Restless Rant
Week of August 2 – 6:

There was plenty to talk about on the past week of The Young and the Restless. The ranting (and raves) start now!

Work Permit.
So now we know how they are going to address Cane’s little immigration problem – won’t Neil just LOVE that his favorite people, Malcolm and Sofia rode to the rescue! Mal’s proposal re-do was a nice bit of romance. By the way, Daniel Goddard (Cane) was bang on when he told me they got the casting of the babies right – great job!

I Love You.
I’m wondering how viewers feel about Mac and JT’s love story. I find I’m really drawn into their romantic moments, but expect to be bored by them in short order.

Fighting Fenmores.
While I love the acting we’re seeing from Tracey Bregman (Lauren) and Jess Walton (Jill), one staged fight after another is getting old. Speaking of which, how did Jill emerge from that fall on her back into the empty grave unscathed? On another note, I can’t decide if I like the way Michael is calling Lauren out on her behavior – he’s coming across a little bit like a dad.

Christmas in August.
The Jack and Emily storyline flop was no gift to viewers. With the announcement that Maura West is joining Y&R as a recast Diane Jenkins this week, it made me wonder if this is why Emily’s romance with Jack ended without a viable explanation. Wouldn’t it be great to have Emily return at some point and go head-to-head with Diane over Jack! I’m excited about the very talented Maura West joining the show, and hoping this will be a good fit for her.

Jack and Mary Jane!
The South American send-off for Patty was perfect! Loved the kitty cat tattoo! All I can say is, “Hasta La Vista, Alejandro!”

You Did This!
While Michelle Stafford’s acting was brilliant this week as always, I feel as though the change in Phyllis has been a tad abrupt, and this was reflected in her last exchange with Nick – I was a bit confused.

The Return of Jana.
I’ve been irritated by so much in this storyline. They told us Jana is unable to feel emotion, yet since she left the hospital we’ve seen her feel compassion, anger, sadness, happiness (or contentment), guilt, and now jealousy – everything except love for Kevin – absurd – and now she’s behaving like a stalker! The one thing that works is Chloe and Kevin’s mutual support system; it’s gold to find such amazing friendship chemistry.