Restless Rant
Week of July 26 – 30:

Well, I was away for the first two episodes of The Young and the Restless this week, and while I was really sorry to have missed Chloe confronting Heather, it was a treat not to have to sit through Adam terrorizing Patty again. Once again, the week ended with a strong episode on Friday. Here are my notes:

Hell May Have Frozen Over.
Based on the continuing far-fetched aspects of Adam’s storyline, such as how he gets away with everything, moves around town (and through buildings and vents) with ease in spite of being nearly blind, overhears things at exactly the right time, and makes a mockery of every security system ever devised, I was ready to declare that he never should have come back. But when Sharon shot him, and he said in that weak voice, “I know you still love me,” something in me cracked. In that moment I did want Sharon to love him, against all reason. I don’t necessarily expect this sentiment to last, but there it is/was. Kudos to Michael Muhney for bringing out the vulnerability in Adam.

Smack That!
It’s a shame I missed Chloe smacking Heather’s face – NuHeather (I still think of her as that) is a train wreck character. She’s not believable as a vixen or a damsel in distress, and as so many of our readers have pointed out, even her storyline is bogus – who would put all of this effort into trying to murder an inept assistant D.A?

“I Want My Trust Fund.”
Abby’s mantra is getting a little old and tired – this storyline needs to progress somehow. I find it slightly irksome that Jack is using a younger family member to get to Victor again. As for my current stance on Abby, I’m torn between outrage that she would evict her own mother, and hoping that she will prevail against Victor – just for the explosive reaction!

My interest is waning in the Jack and Emily pairing. I’m starting to think Dr. Pee is as obsessed with Patty as Patty is with Jack!

Not Grandpa…Grumpa!
It was refreshing to see the Winters family enjoy a party this week. Of course no Winters’ gathering would be complete without Neil acting like a jackass over something. I chuckled at Sofia staying sweet in the face of his grumpiness.