Restless Rant
Week of July 19 – 23:

Just when I was starting to think The Young and the Restless was getting lame, some really cool things happened and the week ended strong! Check out my thoughts below!

Undercover Lover!
That’s me, because I love this story twist with Ronan being undercover and Christine being in on it. Not only does this make Christine more interesting, but it validates what I’ve been thinking about Ronan all along – he is Chance’s brother and is secretly protecting him. I LOVED the flashbacks with Rose DeVille (Darlene Conley), young Nina, and disguised Cricket – this was the first impression the late Darlene Conley made on me as an actress and I never forgot it! Are you happy Christine has returned? Vote your thoughts in our sister site’s Soap Opera Fan Blog Christine Returns Poll!

Cheater Chance.
He had been making a fool of Chloe by continuing to allow her to interact with Heather and Ronan without the benefit of knowing the truth, so I was glad he finally came out with it. What a great soap moment of tension! I cannot WAIT to see what Chloe does next!

Ranch Round-Up.
I don’t have a clue why they brought Meggie back – my sole observation is that her eyes totally lit up at the sight of that rock Victor gave Nikki. She also loved racking up the charges on The Mustache’s account at Fenmore’s. As for Victor and Nikki’s engagement…how many times is this now? Oh, and how about Nick and Victoria quizzing Vic on his marital intentions at the Club – pulllease!

Save A Horse…
The one thing I like about Abby is the way she stands up to Victor. I’ve always been a sucker for someone who can look him in the eye and push his buttons! It was good horse sense to have Abby ride nekkid into the Club – so funny to watch the Newmans react! Her trip to the clink was good too.

The Fighting Fenmores.
I’m hoping this Jill and Lauren story will develop into something beyond bickering. This week I noticed the nuances in Jess Walton’s performance as she let us glimpse Jill’s hurt to just the right degree.

Ash & Tucker’s Drop-In.
I found it really odd that two CEOs (Ashley and Tucker) would make a home visit to another CEO (Victor) to accuse him of things they have no real proof of – didn’t seem particularly savvy. On the other hand, Tucker and Ashley are hot and I like to see them together, so it’s all good.