“Onward and Upwards.”

Updated on July 23:

Kevin recently told Soaps.com, “I really have no desire to work on another soap unless it’s Y&R. They’re the top of the game. Talented cast, crew and most importantly – an appropriate budget! The recast wasn’t unexpected. I just wish they let me know before making a decision. I can grow a goatee and look 22 if need be.”

Previously Reported on July 20:

Actor Kevin Schmidt, who has been pursuing other projects while his The Young and the Restless character, Noah Newman, has been in Paris, is telling fans that he is not returning to the show.

Kevin had this to say, “I have not be asked to return as ‘Noah Newman’. A huge thank you to the cast and crew! Onward and upwards!”

Some will not be surprised by this news, given that the character of Abby (Marcy Rylan) was recently aged on screen. Soaps.com wishes Kevin all the best in his future endeavors! For those who want to stay in touch with Kevin view his latest project Kevin Schmidt’s UnNatural History.